– Suspect killer online taxi driver, Suharto alias Alex, Sumedang police have been arrested. One of the suspects revealed a shocking story.

As is known, the police have arrested two of the three suspects in this murder case. They are L and R. While T is still in pursuit.

When the title of the case was carried out by the Sumedang police station, R claimed that he had been bought for food by Alex in the Subang area after completing a trip from Jakarta.

After that, the young man who was not even 30 years old said he did not know that there would be a murder when they would return to travel from Subang to Cikampek.

In the middle of the trip, T who is currently in the fugitive told the victim to pull over. At the same time, R claimed to be instructed to hold the perpetrator’s body.

“I don’t know there will be a murder. I was paid to eat with the driver,” he said.

“(During the persecution) I was told to hold (the body of the victim). Then I was told to beat. I hit the victim twice on the head. I was forced (by T). If not, I was also killed,” he explained, halting Tuesday. (7/8).

Finally, Alex’s lifeless body was dumped in the Sumedang area. The suspects managed to bring the victim’s car.

However, after several days the police managed to uncover the case and arrest them in the Indramayu area on Sunday (5/8).

The suspects were arrested after police developed the discovery of the body of a man named Suharto alias Alex on a plantation owned by Perhutani, Jalan Buah Dua – Sanca Blok Cinbo, Gendereh Hamlet, Gendereh Village, Buah Dua District, Sumedang District on Tuesday (07/31/2018).

The body of the body is full of bruises and bruises on the back, face, throat, chest and scratches on the back. The victim is known to be having his address at Cempaka Putih Barat Village, Central Jakarta.