After acquired Grab, Uber officially discontinue its operations in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, as of today (Monday, 9/4/2018). It is known after KompasTekno tried to access Uber application on this day. Uber application is still accessible, users can still enter the destination.

However, after entering a destination, the Uber app displays a notification that its services are not available in the user’s location. Uber Motor or Uber X rider icon also does not appear on the app map. On the main page, Uber also displays the last message containing notifications for users to download the Grab app.

Uber app screenshots per April 9, 2018, where no online drivers were found. ( Previously, Uber has indeed cautioned users to migrate to the Grab app until yesterday (8/4/2018). Thus, starting from April 9, 2018, all Uber services in Southeast Asia can only be accessed through the Grab application, including Indonesian users. “We will transition our service to the Grab platform as of April 8, 2018 so that all requests after that date can only be done from the Grab app”, as quoted in the e-mail contents sent by Uber to its customers in Indonesia at the end of March.

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Of the business deal, Uber will retain 27.5 percent stake in Grab, while CEO Uber Dara Khosrowshahi will be docked with the board of directors of Grab. Uber first operates in Southeast Asia in 2013 with Singapore as the first country. A year later, Uber arrived in Indonesia by offering an online transportation service in the form of motorcycle taxi UberMotor and four types of car services, namely uberPool, UberXL, and UberBlack, which in the future will also be merged with Grab. Read also: Grab Uber Acquisition, What’s the Fate of Users and Uber Drivers in Indonesia? Including Uber Eats’ new food delivery business present in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, will merge with GrabFood services already present in Indonesia and Thailand. Uber also sold his business to China’s local ride-sharing company Didi Chuxing, with a 17.5 percentage maintained by Uber. His business in Russia was transferred to Yandex in 2017 with a 37 percent share of shares owned by Uber.

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