PALEMBANG, – An online taxi driver in the city of Palembang, South Sumatra (Sumsel), is again a victim of a crime. The perpetrator allegedly hypnotized the victim in order to follow his wishes.

The victim, Heryanto, survived, but the neck of the wounded was caused by sharp objects. He also realized that his cellphone had been seized by robbers who pretended to be passengers.

He said, the last thing he remembered, there were two people who asked him to stop at the intersection of Ilir Timur Dua Golf Course, Palembang City. One of the perpetrators immediately held his arm while asking to be escorted to the Sukawinatan area.

“I just say, ‘ready’ and just walk away,” he said in the city of Palembang, South Sumatra, Saturday (03/23/2019) in the morning.

Suddenly, Heriyanto delivered the two men. Until finally he began to realize that one of them was strangling his neck from behind.

“Upon arriving at the location, I just realized why I was here. The one sitting in the back immediately suffocated,” he said.

The other perpetrator immediately asked for his cellphone while threatening to kill if he did not comply with the request. Heryanto did not bother when the perpetrator took his cellphone.

After the two actors went down, he immediately stepped on the gas. After moving away, he realized that his neck was bleeding.

“I just found out that I was bleeding and I immediately covered it with tissue,” he said.

After being a victim of the robbery, he immediately reported this incident to the police. The online taxi case is still in the process of being investigated by the police.