Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Startup ride-hailing (sharing ride) is one of the fastest growing startups. This business has disrupted the conventional transportation business.

The ride-hailing startup is also one of the sectors most in demand by high-profile investors. Just mention Softbank, which has invested in four startups sharing a ride from Uber, Grab, Olacab to Didi Chuxing.

The high level of investor interest in ride-hailing startups makes the company’s valuation grow fast. In the CBInsights report titled The World’s 326 Unicorn Companies published on March 14, 2019, currently there are 5 ride-hailing startups with unicorn status or evaluating above US $ 1 billion and 6 ride hailing startups having decacorn status or evaluating above US $ 10 billion.

Here’s a big-value hailing startup in the world:

1.Uber Uber is a pioneer in the ride-hailing business. Uber was founded by Travis Kalanicks and Garrett Camp in 2019. Uber has operated in many countries in the world but its main business sources are still the United States and Europe. At present Uber’s valuation is above US $ 72 billion.

2. Didi Chuxing Didi Chuxing was dubbed by Uber China because of its success in conquering Uber in the Chinese market and then acquiring it. Didi Chuxing was founded by Cheng Wei, Wu Rui and Zhang Bo in 2012 and currently valuations above US $ 56 billion.

3. Lyft Lyft is an online taxi from the United States and is still on the United States market. Lyft was founded by Logan Green and John Zimmer in 2012. Together with Uber, Lyft is a ride-hailing startup that listed shares on US exchanges. At present the valuation is above US $ 11.5 billion.

4. Grab Grab was founded by Anthony Tan and Tan Hooi Ling in 2012. Grab focuses on working on the Southeast Asian market. One of Grab’s successes was when he occupied Uber Southeast Asia. At present the valuation is above US $ 11 billion.

5. Gojek Gojek was founded in 2010 by Nadiem Makarim, Kevin Aluwi and Michaelangelo Moran. Initially Gojek focused on working on Indonesia but is currently expanding into other Southeast Asian countries. At present the valuation has reached US $ 10 billion.

6. Olacab Olacab is dubbed as Uber India. An online transportation company was established in 2010 by Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati. Olacab is now trying to expand outside India. At present the valuation is above US4.3 billion.

7. BlablaCar BlablaCar is a startup founded by Frederic Mazzella, Nicolas Brusson and Francis Nappez in 2009. The business model offered is a carpooling model that shares costs for travel and tolls which then develop into ride-hailing. At present the company’s valuation is above US $ 1.6 billion.

8. Cabify Cabify is a Spanish ride-hailing startup founded by Juan de Antonio. Besides Spain, Cabify has also been operating in Latin America and Portugal. At present the company’s valuation has reached US $ 1.4 billion.

9. Careem Network Careem is a ride-hailing startup headquartered in Dubai and operates in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. Careem was founded by Mudassir Sheikha, Magnus Olsson and Abdulla Elyas. At present the company’s valuation has reached US $ 1.2 billion.

10. Taxify Taxify is an online taxi headquartered in Estonia. Taxify was founded by Markus Villig in 2013. At that time he was only 19 years old. At present the company’s valuation has reached US $ 1 billion.