NATAR ( Passengers who will use online transportation services at Radin Inten II Airport are asked to be alert to the actions of a number of drivers who claim to be from Grab Airport. Because, many passengers were deceived because they thought the driver who came was from Grab, apparently it wasn’t. monitoring, the mode that is done is that offline taxi drivers usually pay attention to passengers waiting for an online taxi order at the Arrival Terminal. The driver then asked if he was waiting for an online taxi order. After that, offer lower rates than online taxis.

Regarding this mode, TKG Lampung’s Grab Airport operator Husni Thamrin asked passengers to pay attention to the driver’s identity. “Our officers are in uniform and a complete ID card will help to the pickup shelter. So, please make sure the license plate and type of vehicle are according to the application. Our drivers are in uniform and according to the application. Rates are also according to the application and there are no additions,” said Husni Thamrin , to, Thursday (07/18/2019).

He claimed to have gotten many complaints over the Grab driver’s claiming mode. Because, since it was officially launched on July 11, 2019, enthusiasts of GrabCar Airport are quite high. “Indeed there are irresponsible individuals who claim to be Grab drivers. We urge passengers not to be tempted by cheap, but not safe tariffs,” Husni said.

The security of an online taxi is managed by him, according to Husni, not only is every vehicle installed with a GPS, but passengers are protected by PT Jasa Raharja. “If the driver is not recorded, of course this is dangerous for passenger safety,” said Husni who is also the Director of PT Trans Lampung Utama, the Lampung Provincial Government-owned BUMD. (PRO1)