, SOLO – Online taxi booking application My Blue Bird is made by the Blue Bird Group company starting to explore the city of Solo. A number of local taxi companies in Solo claimed to have accepted an offer to use the application, but they thought about it.

PT Solo Central Taksi’s Operations Manager, Heru Purwanto, said that recently the representative of a transportation company headquartered in Jakarta Blue Bird visited the Organda Solo Secretariat to meet several local taxi entrepreneurs. They came to offer the use of the My Blue Bird application to provide online taxi services by local taxi drivers in Solo.

However, he said that local taxi entrepreneurs in Solo did not rush to immediately accept the offer. Entrepreneurs want to know more about the advantages of My Blue Bird compared to other ordering applications that have been used by drivers.

“There is an effort by Blue Bird Group to offer taxi booking applications but we have not yet taken it seriously. We have to learn more about the applications offered, “Heru said while talking with on Monday (5/21/2018).

Heru also doubted that the Solo Taxi drivers would reap more profits or orders after using the My Blue Bird application. A number of online taxi booking service applications such as Go-Car (in Go-Jek) and Grab are now leading in Solo.

The application has been widely accessed by the Solo community even nationally. Heru said before determining the decision regarding the utilization of My Blue Bird, PT Solo Central Taksi planned to coordinate with other local taxi companies in Solo. PT Solo Central Taksi wants a further presentation from Blue Bird Group.

“We need to consider, what can be leading in Solo later? Maybe later a meeting can be held, a kind of presentation of the application offer with as much detail as possible. Then we gather together to determine the next step, “Heru said.

The General Manager (GM) of PT Sekar Gelora Taksi, Tak Ditya, captured the idea brought by Blue Bird Group in offering the use of the My Blue Bird application as a single entity with one brand. The implementation of joint operation and organizational consolidation in the utilization of My Blue Bird is believed to be creating cost efficiency.

Blue Bird Group in this case tries to lift the legal legal entity transportation sector which is being hit by financial crisis and the crisis of law enforcement can go to a new level. “Regular taxis, even though they have adapted, are also taking taxis online, but they cannot cover high operational and investment costs. Provision of this application brings hope that yellow plate taxis can compete and be sustainable. We plan the taxi service to be transformed to many things, especially the order channel that has been in five ways before. We will be able to develop up to 8-10 ways to order so that it will spoil consumers more, “explained Taka.

Taka believes that the union of regular large and small scale taxi companies is the solution to the absence of law enforcement against black-plate online taxi drivers. He hopes cooperation between Blue Bird Group and local Solo taxi companies can run in the near future.