Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Blue Bird is optimistic that they can compete with online taxi services such as Grab and Gojek. This taxi company is sure to win the competition with differences in qualities and services.

Chief Information Officer of Blue Bird Andeka Putra said the public was getting smarter to sort out transportation services. People no longer consider price as an indicator to use certain transportation services.

Andeka confirmed that consumers would increasingly prefer transportation services with high quality services. Considering the cheap prices of online transportation will increase because it is pushed by the government.

“The price is one thing and not unattractive, it is very attractive. But in the end people are also increasingly aware that the quality of service cannot be set aside,” Andeka said at the Raffles Hotel, South Jakarta, Tuesday (10/22).

Promotions launched by online transportation such as Gojek and Grab do indeed make prices much cheaper than conventional taxi services.

However, the insistence on higher tariff adjustments continues to be voiced by drivers of online transportation services. This push succeeded in getting the government to adjust the lower limit of the online taxi service.

This was stated based on the Decree of the Minister of Transportation (Kepmenhub) No. 348 concerning Guidelines for Calculating Service Fees for Using Motorbikes Used for Public Interests Done with Applications.

Mentioned about the cooperation between Blue Bird and Gojek, Andeka Blue Bird was helped by a wide range of consumers. While Gojek was helped by the availability of a large Blue Bird fleet.

“We have interests that we can collaborate with … there must be an increase in revenue,” he said, without further explaining the contribution of revenue from the collaboration with Gojek.

On the other hand, Andeka said that holding online transportation services like Grab and Gojek did require high costs.

“Just try to calculate the cost of the technology compared to income per trip. So that’s why we can’t be like start-ups who have capital to be used as a torch,” he said.

In addition, Andeka also brags that currently Blue Bird has capital to increase the number of its fleets. However, the company is holding back the fleet to prevent further congestion.