TRIBUNJATENG.COM, SEMARANG – PT Angkasa Pura I will select taxi operators operating at the Ahmad Yani airport terminal in Semarang. monitored, it was seen that advanced mode of transportation which operates only airport taxis, and Trans Semarang …

None of the other taxi operators were seen carrying passengers at the airport terminal. Other operators only drop off passengers in the airport’s drop zone area.

Suasana di Bandara Baru Ahmad Yani Semarang, tampak sejumlah armada taksi siaga angkut penumpang, Senin 11 Juni 2018. Hanya taksi  yang telah kerjasama dengan Angkas Pura I yang boleh beroperasi di bandara.
The atmosphere at the Ahmad Yani New Airport in Semarang, it appears that a number of taxi fleets are ready to carry passengers, Monday 11 June 2018. Only taxis that have cooperated with Pura I Angkas may operate at the airport. (Tribunjateng / Rahdyan Trijoko Pamungkas)

Existing taxi booking counters only serve taxi bookings labeled Ahmad Yani airport in Semarang.

This is evidenced by an airport taxi label lining up in the area.

Airport Operation and Service Department Head, PT Angkasa Pura I, Agus Sina, said that he would try to anticipate community complaints of the absence of a taxi fleet at the airport.

The party acknowledged the lack of taxi stocks that occurred around the 6th (6/6), and (7/6). This is because the taxi brought to the new terminal comes from the old terminal.

“We had time to select other taxi operators. When the boyong operation was here (new terminal), businesses related to service, namely atm, taxi, money changer, we pulled first to operate the airport without a new contract,” he explained on Monday ( 6/11/2018).

Agus asked that this be understandable if there was a delay in the taxi at that time.

This is because when the peak season (holidays) or transportation of Eid there is a shortage.

“As usual the existing taxi manager will work with outside taxi collectors to help. However, the conditions at that time were not adequate,” he said.

He said, on Saturday (9/6) the airport management met the taxi manager to ask for a commitment to ensure a taxi fleet to support Lebaran transportation. At present there are 125 airport taxis available.

“In time I don’t really know. What is certain is that they work their routes in zones. After taking them back again to take the line,” he explained.

According to him, airport taxi rotation is fast. Therefore, he needs additional support, namely at certain hours, especially in the afternoon and at night, there will be a relief taxi from outside the airport.

“This is done until we have cooperation with other operators,” he said.

He said, in the future AP I will conduct a selection and assessment of taxi services at the airport. It does not matter as long as taxis operating at the airport are safe, smooth and orderly.

“Even if the selection is not possible, only one operator. This means that there will be deficiencies if only one,” he added.

Taxis outside the airport, he said, can take passengers inside the terminal while following the selection requirements.

Taxis at the airport are currently cooperating with AP I.

“So operators who cannot have contractual cooperation can then get passengers,” he explained.