– Social media is horrendous with the actions of a group of female students who cancel online taxi orders (taksol) three times.

Their action angered a man suspected of being an online taxi driver. This was shown through the upload of Instagram account @ Makassar_iinfo on Sunday (1/9/2019).

Seen from the video circulating, the female student was scolded by a man.

They ordered an online taxi that made four passengers. But when picked up at the location, it turns out more than four passengers

Worse, then they canceled the order three times because the vehicle did not fit.

“These people ordered 4 seater. They all have no ethics, if order grab don’t order four seater. If four seater is hanged three times, we get hit. At the same address, what is wrong with you,” said the man in the video .

After being scolded, the female student group in Makassar, South Sulawesi only turned around and did not give any answers.

While in the narration written, one wrote insinuations to the female students.

“Students are educated but cannot read. Don’t harm the grab drivers who are always available to help and escort you. Because they are looking for sustenance for their children and wife at home. If they are educated they should appreciate it,” the narration wrote.

Until now, the video of a group of female students canceling online taxi orders had been watched more than 25,000 times. And many were also upset and gave scolding to them.

“For me, just take them. But I will drop them off on the highway!
so they give up, “wrote @ridhopanichsan.

“Whoever they are, if they cannot appreciate, they will never be valued,” wrote @ahmadaqzah.

“The two of them just put inside the trunk,” said @ardianyisa_ri.