Car Coin is an additional feature that is presented specifically for loyal Fras Coin users or online payment service provided by Frasindo Rent. Claiming as an original idea, Car Coin comes with a bonus that can be used after the user gets the coin from the service that has been used. The interesting idea itself is the original of the Frasindo team that has developed this new product as long as to satisfy its customers.

As a service enabler of Frasindo Rent, Car Coin loyalty program is expected to boost the number of users who use Fras Coin every day for all services. It is also confirmed by the developers Frasindo on the website. The Car Coin program is designed to gain positive feedback and increase the number of members in Frasindo Rent Overall rewards offered by Car Coin consist of several categories, namely entertainment, e-commerce, lifestyle, culinary, hotel, mall, retail, tour and travel. Until now there have been many interesting rewards that can be redeemed by users, for the future Car Coin will probably increase the number of merchants who join the Car Coin feature which can also be used as a marketing tool of the brand to reach a wider market by utilizing Car Coin.

For all coin obtained by the user after using the service in Frasindo Rent with payment using Fras Coin, will immediately get a car coin. Coins that have been collected can then be directly redeemed or exchanged with attractive features. To ensure all the rewards match the needs of the users, the merchant’s position is randomly arranged, according to the number of coins that can be redeemed or exchanged until the amount of coin is large enough. Parties Frasindo always try to facilitate all the fastest needs required by users, especially for impulsive a shopper who want to quickly exchange coin with the minimum amount owned. Furthermore, merchant automatically with a large number of coins will be searchable in accordance with the wishes of users. The main focus of Frasindo Rent is to provide rewards to users. For now Frasindo does not provide additional fees for the merchant and continues to increase the number of merchants with attractive products in accordance with the criteria of the consumer. With Car Coin feature from Frasindo is expected to satisfy customers in getting services from Frasindo.