Sleman – On Saturday morning, January 6, 2018, Tri Hadmoko (55), a resident of Ngaglik, Sleman, Yogyakarta delivered his ojeknya customer to a place. The passenger at that time was Sutini (51), a resident of Ngemplak.

While riding a motorcycle bernopol AB 3583 TE on Jalan Kaliurang Km 12, Sardonoharjo, a car suddenly hit it from the east. Tri crushed the car, while the passenger fell.

The driver immediately step on the gas when he saw the victim lying. “Actually there are witnesses, residents, but did not have time to pursue,” said Kanit Laka Then Ipda Eryda Kusuma.

Tri was rushed to RS Panti Nugroho after the collision, but the life of the motorcycle taxi driver online was not helped. Meanwhile, the passengers survived.

Police who came to the location immediately investigate the case of hit-and-run. In less than 48 hours, the fleeing driver was caught.

Car rammed driver motorcycles drivers turned out to be a type of Toyota Avanza bernopol AB 1705 YX silver. The car was found in a workshop. Meanwhile, the driver is Lukas Tri Muda (23). He was arrested at his residence in Wedomartani, Ngemplak, Sleman.

Car Crash
Illustration of Accidents
Illustration of Accidents ( Fatzry)
Kasatlantas Polres Sleman, AKP M. Faisal Pratama explained that this arrest was assisted by CCTV recordings around the incident, information from the local community, as well as the workshop where the vehicle was made.

After the incident, car perpetrators had strike about two kilometers from the scene and immediately taken to the garage around.

“The strike of the vehicle was not caused by a collision, but there were traces of blisters and dents on the bumper of the vehicle that became evidence,” he said, Monday, January 8, 2018.

To the police, Lukas admitted sleepy when the incident that led to the death of the motorcycle taxi driver online. Residents Wedomartani, Ngemplak is also claimed to be afraid and panicked so directly leave the location and the victim.

For his actions, Luke is subject to Article 310 paragraph 3 and 4 of RI Law Number 22/2009 on Traffic and Road Transport with the threat of a prison sentence of six years. Perpetrators are now also languishing in Sleman Police Prison.