Easily open a car rental business to make this business continues to grow twice each year. According to Secretary of Soloraya Car Rental Business Association (Aremso), Adjie Atmodiwiryo, every day there are always new car rental entrepreneurs.

The number of car rental entrepreneurs growth is one of them triggered easy credit car. Adjie tells many people who are car loans and use it to open a car rental business. Therefore over the past five years, the business has flourished.

In addition, according to Adjie, local government policy also helped to nourish this business. The policy is like making Solo a city of culture and Meeting, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE) so as to attract many tourists so that many are utilizing the rental business of transportation. Adjie also considered this business is a prospective business.

According to Adjie, Aremso members there are 32 car rental businessmen but the car is leased about 100 units. Many and easy to open a car rental business according to Adjie, making this business competition more stringent. Therefore, it is very difficult to raise rental rates even though the current car price increases and the risk of this business is quite large.

Adjie said today the needs of the community continues to grow. If initially most are looking for small cars today consumers are starting to look for big cars like Elves and micro buses. However, these needs can not be fulfilled in Solo so many prefer to rent a bus in Jogja.

"The reason many people prefer to rent a bus to Jogja because the resources in Solo does not yet exist. Micro bus in Solo is usually only up grade body and the price is also more expensive. If in Solo Rp2, 7 million in Jogja can Rp2, 4 million, "he told reporters at Pose Inn Hotel, not long ago.

Adjie also said it has discussed to cooperate with investors to develop the segment of large cars and micro buses. Furthermore, Adjie said the fuel price hike (BBM) will not affect the car rental business. The reason is because the BBM is borne by the tenant then the rental rate of the vehicle is still fixed.