Jakarta – The Ministry of Transportation has officially implemented Ministerial Regulation (PM) of Transportation Number 26 of 2017 concerning Amendment to PM Number 32 Year 2016 concerning the Implementation of People Transportation with Public Vehicles Not in Route. In this rule, online application transportation service providers are required to carry out several things. 

Among these are the test for the car or the KIR. This is so that there is an increase in quality and service in collaboration with private parties or brand holder agents (APM). In its implementation, service providers are given the opportunity for a two-month transition period.

Then the matter of the engine cylinder cylinder capacity is also regulated in this new rule. Public rental or regular taxis are subject to a minimum engine capacity limit of 1,300 cc, while special rental or online taxis are at least 1,000 cc.

“For special rental transport, because it adheres to the principle of equality, he is at least 1000 cc,” said Director of Transport and Multi Moda of the Directorate General of Land Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation, Cucu Mulyana in a meeting with the Committee II DPD RI in DPD Building, Jakarta, Tuesday (04/25/2017 ) 

Then are the provisions regarding vehicle registration on behalf of the company. In this case it is revised to become a STNK in the name of a legal entity. Furthermore, the STNK which is still in the name of an individual is still valid until expiration. 

“STNK must be legal. But in its implementation, we will accommodate the transition period until it will take effect on July 1,” he said.

The government also regulates the construction of digital dashboard access to the Director General of Hubdat and granting licenses for the implementation of public transport, in the context of the interests of online taxi operational supervision. This dashboard is also a means of the government for tax purposes in the implementation of online taxi public transport. 

“Based on the experience of the director general of tax auditing Google, they experience difficulties. So for the substance of tax interests, this rule is written in the dashboard that must load the bank for transaction shelters, etc. This is to increase effectiveness, so we ask to hold a digital dashboard so we can monitor how many do he operate, and anywhere, “he said.

And the most important thing is about transportation rates listed on information technology-based applications. In this rule tariffs are determined based on the upper and lower limit rates which will be fully handed over to the Governor according to the company’s domicile. 

“Of course we also often hear service users in certain times they have to pay online taxis more expensive than regular ones. Therefore, they are asked to make arrangements for these tariffs. So this will also be material given the transition period, both tariffs and the limit of rental transportation vehicles, “he concluded. 


source https://finance.detik.com/berita-ekonomi-bisnis/d-3483367/syarat-mobil-bisa-dipakai-taksi-online