JawaPos.com – Parto Patrio’s comedian house was flooded on the first day of 2020 some time ago. A number of his cars were damaged due to being submerged.

For daily activities, Parto temporarily uses online taxi services. “Now I am using different cars. Because I use the application, it’s safe, “said Parto when met at Tendean, South Jakarta, Friday (10/1).

Even though his cars are still in the process of being maintained so that they can be normal again, Parto is grateful that his children do not rely too much on cars for their daily activities. His daughter, Amanda Caesa, who studies at one of the campuses in the BSD area, Tangerang lives in an apartment near the campus. While the other children go to school near the house so they don’t really need a vehicle.

Touched about the total losses he experienced due to flooding, Parto was reluctant to mention nominal. Parto said he did not want to think too much about the loss he experienced.

“I just let it go. Because fortune is already set. Sustenance is God who set it. Even though we are working hard but if indeed the fortune is not for you, we will not be able to get it, “said Parto.