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Coma Junkyard

Coma Junkyard Hangout Fun Place In Border Junkyard Coma And Romantic - Tours culinary Coma Junkyard hangout fun, as well as romantic young people in bekasi, because this place offer a unique enough plan so fitting for young people, and some students use the moment on the night of the week exclamations-coherent coincidence as well as close close friends. Except offer attractive hangout Cafe Koma Junkyard provides plenty of tasty food and beverage menu variants and the prices offered each and every meal are so friendly in the pockets, especially the young and college students. Place problem, visitors can...

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“Car Coin” a simple feature with many benefits

Car Coin is an additional feature that is presented specifically for loyal Fras Coin users or online payment service provided by Frasindo Rent. Claiming as an original idea, Car Coin comes with a bonus that can be used after the user gets the coin from the service that has been used. The interesting idea itself is the original of the Frasindo team that has developed this new product as long as to satisfy its customers. As a service enabler of Frasindo Rent, Car Coin loyalty program is expected to boost the number of users who use Fras Coin every...

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The Prospect of Stellar as a Digital Currency

Digital Currencies are a good potential technology to bring the most important Change in the finance world in our present century. Bitcoin is currently the first number as a leader in the world. Bitcoin and Other Digital Currencies openly want to undermine the dominance of Bank and Conventional Fiat Money like Rupiah. In the other side, there’s something forgotten. Financial players in this field also have Government, Fiat Currency, and the local or international banks who controlled by the Government. The Government in Ensure Braves to protect themselves from any form of Competition that threatens them. One of the...

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Join with Frasindo & Get Your Coin Reward !

Frasindo Rent service currently can be enjoyed by its customers especially in the city of Jakarta. This is because most of the list of available partner partners is still operating in the Jakarta area. Little information for you, Frasindo already has several partners in Jakarta. For now, there are many partners in Jakarta because most of the users of Frasindo service are still in Jakarta. Various promotional and marketing programs related to Fras Coin service have been prepared. Frasindo explained that the marketing program will be tailored to the character of each city consumers. In this advanced technological era...

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I often receive question from friends of mine (mostly foreigner or Indonesians who live outside Java) or random travellers asking, is it worth it to go to Jakarta? What is there to do in Jakarta? How chaotic is Jakarta? Is a week enough time to explore Jakarta? As I run lots of Jakarta tours, there’s obviously a lot more questions that I get related to the city. Anyway, I’ve written about how to get to Jakarta (the city) cheaply from the airport (Soekarno Hatta Airport – CGK) here. Ok, I admit, because of the congestion and the mess, I...

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