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Take The Advantages of Free Trip from Car Coin to Hunt The Jakarta Beautiful Photo Spots

The vacation make us not stressed and saturated that because of monotonous work activities. But sometimes the work time that cause it difficult to arrange a holiday schedule. Actually in Jakarta and the surrounding areas, there are also many cool places and cool photogenic spots PIK Mangrove Forest You can breathe the fresh air in the middle of PIK Mangrove Forest. The visitors can also rent villas and photos hunting. If you want to see the green view after a bored week facing on the computer screen, this place is very perfect. The location of forest is in Pantai...

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The benefits of renting a car in Frasindo Rent for your trip

Car rental is an important requirement that you should pay attention to when spending your vacation time. Basically rent the vehicle will give your feeling more comfortable and also profitable for your vacation trip. How can it be like that? Because you can get a lot of benefits that certainly make your holiday trip feels more relaxed and fun. Especially if you rent the vehicle in Frasinddo Rent by hiring a driver, so you can get double benefits. Do you want to know the benefits that you can get with use car and driver from Frasindo? Check out the...

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The Beautiful Places that you can visit in “Kepulauan Seribu” with your Car Coin

There are many benefits that you can get by using Car Coin. One of them is a free vacation to “Kepulauan Seribu”. This district is one of the popular natural tourist areas in the Capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. The location of this place is not far from Jakarta, it makes this destination often become the target of a vacation for the citizens of Jakarta and other areas. “Pulau Seribu” is an island cluster area located in the bay of Jakarta. “Kepulauan Seribu” is an administrative district of Jakarta. “Pulau Seribu” is different from the northern coastline of Jakarta which...

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“Car Coin” a simple feature with many benefits

Car Coin is an additional feature that is presented specifically for loyal Fras Coin users or online payment service provided by Frasindo Rent. Claiming as an original idea, Car Coin comes with a bonus that can be used after the user gets the coin from the service that has been used. The interesting idea itself is the original of the Frasindo team that has developed this new product as long as to satisfy its customers. As a service enabler of Frasindo Rent, Car Coin loyalty program is expected to boost the number of users who use Fras Coin every...

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The Benefits of Vacation with Car Coin

The Car Coin program is designed to gain positive feedback and increase the number of members in Frasindo Rent Overall rewards offered by Car Coin consist of several categories, namely entertainment, e-commerce, lifestyle, culinary, hotel, mall, retail, tour and travel. Vacation is not always a matter of spending money or wasteful. By vacationing using Car Coin, we can make the cost of the holiday to be cheaper even for free. Currently the holiday is not just a lifestyle, but has become a necessity. Did you know, this holiday activity has a myriad of benefits, there are : Reduce stress...

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