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Artur Stanek

  Senior Scala, Akka back-end developer with passion. He always interested in various forms of renewable energy(especially the sun and wind), genomic, electric self-driving cars, and many others that can bring something good to humanity and our beautiful planet. If you ever wonder how to build a solar panel from photovoltaics and solar battery, then you found the right person and the right place, he also invite you to to learn about it, as he will draw you an image on how to create your own photovoltaics and harvest the unlimited clean energy from the sun. Expert in coding...

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Gökçe Güler

Head of Bounty Programs International Relations to, she list websites on listing websites and manage bounty campaigns, getting in contact with market makers, she manage a lot of successful...

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Alpago Turan

Head of Communication at TokenSuite Blockchain Marketing Services, handle public relations campaign. He manage social media accounts, help creating a community, also push press releases to expand the project...

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Ali Ömer

Founder and CEO of TokenSuite, he provide advisory to marketing campaigns for blockchain based startups, help evaluate ideas and adjust the idea to fit into blockchain, & he create and code a smart contract from...

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Dave Pearce

“Thanks to the NXT Foundation for help with navigating through the use of the NXT and ARDOR blockchains.” David set up the Nxt Foundation with other Nxt investors to help the decentralized project to interact with the business...

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