– The commotion between taxi bases and online taxis in Batam City again occurred on Monday (07/08/2019).

The commotion between taxi taxis and online taxis is due to passenger pick-up points around the Nagoya Hill Mall Batam, Batam City.

In addition, the issue of online taxi permits in Batam continues to be a question.

In response to this, the Riau Islands Province Transportation Agency through the Head of Road Traffic and Transportation Midwife, Frengki Willianto, finally explained about the online taxi permit in Batam.

Wednesday (07/10/2019) morning, Frengki tried to straighten out the licensing matter.

According to him, permits will be issued by the One-Stop Integrated Services and Investment Services (DPM-PTSP) of the Riau Islands Province.

This is also accompanied by a technical study with related Regional Organizations (OPD), in this case the Riau Islands Provincial Transportation Agency.

In addition, the technical study also received a legal analysis from the Regional Secretary Law Bureau (Setda) of the Riau Islands Province.

“We have conducted a technical study and at the same time provided recommendations to 13 business entities that manage permits to PTSP,” said Frengki when confirmed.

Frengki also said, until now, the development of licensing matters is still within the authority of the Riau Regional Secretariat of the Bureau of Law.

“It’s still being studied,” he said again.

Previously, the problem of taxi bases and online taxis in Batam City was back in the spotlight.

The dispute between the two continued until yesterday, Monday (07/08/2019) evening.

Often feel disadvantaged, some online taxi representatives in the city of Batam also asked the Department of Transportation (Dishub) Riau Islands firmly in addressing this issue.