, BATAM – Head of the Batam City Transportation Agency, Rustam Efendi regretted that there were still incidents of commotion between online taxis and conventional taxis, in finding passengers in the field. The latest incident happened on Sunday (3/17) around Batam Center.

From the Department of Transportation and the Batam City Government, they have tried to find a solution so that the disputes between the two parties do not happen again. Because it has a direct impact on the security situation and the comfort of the people who come to Batam.

In the end, the people of Batam will also be harmed.

“We facilitated, several meetings to find solutions. There was also an agreement on pick-up points for passengers, but it still happened (commotion),” Rustam said to the Tribune on Monday (18/3).

He admitted, Batam Transportation Agency could not do much related to resolving this problem. Because by law, the policy is in the province-in the Riau Islands Transportation Department or in the hands of the Riau Islands Governor.

“We are not silent about this. It’s also difficult we want to act because the rules do exist in the province. Not in us,” he said.

“But the direct impact is indeed on our community. Because the place (online taxi) is mostly in Batam, there are no other areas,” Rustam continued.

Therefore, addressing the ongoing incidents between online taxis and conventional taxis, the Batam Transportation Agency has sent a letter to the Riau Islands Transportation Agency.

“We ask for clarity so that Batam is safe, comfortable, not chaotic because there is a commotion between online and conventional taxis. We ask the governor and the head of the sub-division to give an explanation of which companies have passed online taxi-related permits,” he said.

Rustam did not want the issue of online taxis in Batam to drag on. Because it can harm the people of Batam themselves both from the level of the economy, and so on.

Previously it was reported that there had been a commotion between taxi drivers online with conventional taxis in front of the west gate of Engku Putri Square, Batam City, Sunday (3/17/2019) morning.

The commotion between online vs conventional taxi drivers is endless and always recurring.

According to the observation of TRIBUNBATAM.ID at the scene, it was seen that online taxi drivers had gathered to meet the commotion.

“Don’t mess. Come on one on one,” shouted one of the online taxi drivers.

 Riots between conventional taxi drivers and online taxis occur in front of the western gate of Putri Engku Square, Batam City on Sunday (3/17/2019) morning.

A Toyota Etios Valco car with BP 1435 GA police number was damaged.

“The condition of the car is very bad. Besides being sprained on the back, the windshield next to the driver is also hit,” said the man named Iyo.

Iyo immediately showed a video of the destruction of some alleged individuals from a conventional taxi to TRIBUNBATAM.ID.

A taxi driver is reported to have to be taken to the hospital.

“Yes, there was a colleague who was immediately rushed to the hospital. Just don’t know where he was taken. There was one of the Satpol PP officers who was hit by those elements earlier,” said one online taxi driver while explaining the chronology to his colleague.

When the commotion broke out, according to the observation of TRIBUNBATAM. ID at the location, the Batam Kota police chief, AKP Ricky Firmansyah, immediately went down to crack down on this incident.

“Everyone was asked to calm down. I hope this can be resolved with a cool head. I am ready to take firm action against anyone who is guilty. There are almost 20 more videos that have come to me for this case. So I hope all of them entrust the police to process cases this, “he said when conducting an audience with the forum chairpersons from each party.

Until the news was written, the damaged car had been taken to Batam Kota Police Station.

And some representatives from each party are also still waiting for the results of the inspection from the police.

“I will get information if it is clear,” Indra said again.