SLAWI – Amru Jamal (36), a resident of Mampang Prapatan, Tegal Parang Village, Jakarta, who works as an online taxi driver everyday has to deal with the police. He was arrested by the personnel of Satreskrim Tegal Police because he allegedly deceived his victim by lure to be able to withdraw 24 carat real gold jewelry.

The quibbler was able to attract gold worth hundreds of millions of rupiah from the supernatural after performing a ritual procession. Unfortunately, despite transferring up to Rp. 31 million, not real gold, but imitation jewelry.

Tegal AKBP Police Chief Dwi Agus through Kasatreskrim AKP Bambang Purnomo said the perpetrators conveyed to his victims, if he was able to attract treasure in the form of gold. However, before he did it, he asked for a number of conditions including the victim must transfer as much as Rp. 38,770,000.00.

“At that time, the victim only had Rp. 31,800,000.00. The perpetrator then said that his shortcomings would be closed by him,” he said.

With all that money, said Bambang, the perpetrators promised to withdraw gold jewelry for Rp. 777,000,000. Unfortunately, after the victim transferred money and performed a ritual procession, the promised gold was never obtained.

“The perpetrators handed over a number of jewelry. However, after checking the contents, only a small portion contained gold. All were imitations,” he said.

While the perpetrator when interviewed admitted, actually the ritual procession he had done was successful. However, because the victims did not heed the demands of the perpetrators, the ritual procession failed.

“It should be opened at night, the day after the ritual. So everything has failed,” Jamal said..

As a result of his actions, the perpetrators with article 378 of the Criminal Code with a maximum criminal penalty of 4 years in prison.