BATAM, SURYAKEPRI.COM – Police Chief of Barelang AKBP Prasetyo Rahmad Purboyo took firm action by calling both port and online taxi parties to settle disputes at Batam Center International Port, Tuesday (12/03/2019) afternoon.

Mediation was conducted at the International Port CTF Police Station to equalize perceptions and maintain the conduciveness of the City of Batam.
Because, the commotion often occurs in vital objects.

“We immediately called the two parties to resolve this, because it disturbs the comfort of visitors to Batam,” said AKBP Prasetyo Rahmad Purboyo, Barelang Police Chief, Tuesday (3/12/2019).

Prasetyo continued, the problems of conventional and online taxis are the problem of the police, especially the problem of commotion in vital objects such as ports.

“We, as a security apparatus, must act firmly, prevent to avoid casualties due to this problem, “he said.

Prasetyo explained, the commotion had begun to subside after the two parties were mediated.

“Hopefully there will be no more commotion because of problems like this again, “said Badawi.

Head of Kadispar regrets the commotion

The reheating of conventional and online taxi drivers at the Batam Center Harbor received a response from the Head of the Batam City Tourism and Culture Office (Disparbud).

Ardiwinata even deplored the commotion at Batam Center International Port this afternoon Tuesday (3/12/2019).

According to the former Head of Batam Public Relations, the incident tarnished the image of tourism in Batam.

As the second largest destination visited after the Province of Bali.

“The commotion problem at Batam Center is ruining tourism. We regret it so much. We ask the authorities and related parties to solve this problem. Something went wrong. The mayor of Batam (HM Rudi) has difficulty making the concept of good tourism in order to encourage economic growth, instead it was damaged by this kind of chaos, “he said when asked for a response by the media crew.

A commotion between conventional taxi drivers and online taxis at Batam Center International Port, Tuesday (12/03/2019). (romi /

He said, that the transportation is a part of Amenitas. Ie various facilities outside the accommodation that can be utilized by tourists while traveling in a destination, including Batam.

Amenitas can be in the form of tourism facilities such as restaurants, souvenir shops, and public facilities such as religious facilities, health, parks, and others.

“Now if our transportation problems were to be questioned, it would be a hassle. Moreover, if there are tourists taking a photo. Where is our face as a civilized nation ?, “he growled.

Although, it is requested that online and conventional taxis self-introspection. So that they will not claim that they are the right ones. He asked, about fortune is already arranged by God.

Because someone’s fortune for Ardiwinata never be confused with others.

Previously, conventional taxi drivers and online taxis reheated at Batam Center International Port, Tuesday (12/03/2019).

Dozens of port taxis do not accept because online taxis enter and pick up the passenger at the port.

The commotion occurred because there was no certainty from the Department of Transportation (Dishub) of the Riau Islands which is not firm in responding to that, because it is not in accordance with the decree issued.

One of the online taxi drivers, Defrizal said that based on the Decree of the Riau Islands Transportation Agency, Online taxis that enter the port or airport should not be arrested if they are not using the application.

“It is forbidden for us to turn on the application when entering redzone region. But, port taxi drivers do not want to accept, “said Defrizal.

Defrizal continued, conventional taxi drivers still insisted a car that has been included as an online application is not allowed to take passengers, even if the application has been turned off.

“This is not in accordance with a joint decree from the Riau Islands Transportation Agency. The Riau Islands Transportation Agency must take firm action if Batam wants to be safe, “he said.

The commotion between online and conventional taxis immediately secured by the Port Police KKP, because the situation began to heat up due to the detention of online taxi vehicles by conventional taxi drivers.