TRIBUNBATAM, id. BATAM – Dozens of city transportation cars majoring in Batuaji – Yellow face, paddling the Barelang Police parking lot.

Their presence related to clashes that occurred between online taxi drivers and public transportation drivers in Villa Muka Kuning Housing, Sagulung, Wednesday (06/06/2018) afternoon.

The public transportation drivers parked their cars in front of the police, their guardian representatives met at the police station.

“Our management is meeting inside, so we are all waiting for information,” said an angkot driver who is often called Carry.

As reported previously, a commotion broke out between public transport drivers and taxi drivers online at the entrance to the Villa Muka Kuning housing complex.

Information obtained by the Tribune in the field, initially the two camps had a quarrel outside the crime scene, but continued in front of La Kopi, Villa Muka Kuning Housing, Sagulung.

At that time a number of carry drivers returned to meet a number of taxi drivers online at LA Kopi stalls where they used to hang out.

There are a number of carry drivers and online taxis quarreling, until they hit each other.

A number of residents who witnessed the clash immediately contacted the police.