JawaPos.com – It’s no secret that the presence of online-based mass transportation is changing the trend of conventional public transportation use. Taxi for example. Since the online public transport platform is present, the popularity of conventional taxis has been eroded. Some companies even went bankrupt because they were unable to compete with the internet-based public transportation.

Nevertheless, the existence of online transportation strikes that have grown in recent years has apparently not affected the legendary Blue Bird taxi brand. They claim that their business remains positive. This means that Blue Bird can compete with online public transportation and slowly rise again even though in reality it is rather difficult.

PT Blue Bird Tbk Director Sigit Djokosoetono revealed, currently conventional taxis like Blue Bird can continue to live and compete due to several factors. Safety and comfort for example. “In terms of security, we from Blue Bird clearly prioritize it. From the start of driver selection, control of vehicles continues to be monitored, and various other services,” he said on one occasion in Jakarta, Thursday (2/8).

“Every driver is listed where he is, historically, how are his guests, how to pick up and drop where it is recorded through our GPS system. That is expected to be a supporting factor in improving services to our customers,” Sigit Djokosoetono said.

According to him, now consumers also begin to learn that service is indeed a major factor. Including security and price. “Consumers can choose, low prices but bad service or a little expensive but clearly safe and comfortable,” he said.

Then, Blue Bird, which had been labeled as not updating this technology, also admitted that it slowly began to change. When Blue Bird innovates, Sigit continued, consumers want to accept and continue to grow again.

“In terms of technology, Blue Bird also has the MyBlueBird application. It is a sign that we are also following the pace of technology. Then the trend of transactions, if previously the transaction was 100 percent cash, now it’s no longer. Our consumers will slowly follow suit and enter into a cashless climate based on technology, “explained Sigit Djokosoetono.

For your information, from the application side, Blue Bird besides having MyBlueBird, there are also services that run on other online transport platforms in this case Gojek. Even so, Sigit said that many users still came from the channel owned by Blue Bird.

According to Sigit, the transaction through Gojek (GoCar) is only an additional transaction. It is only another option for guests who use Blue Bird services. But the total number is still the most on the channel that Blue Bird has. “We cannot mention the total transaction, but the trend is positive,” he said.

Sigit Djokosoetono added, in the past two years Blue Bird has indeed focused on improving services, both security and convenience. In addition, Blue Bird also focuses on improving technology. “With good service, consumers will survive,” he concluded.