– Not long after the online taxi operating license in Batam City was published, the commotion occurred again Wednesday (11/27/2019) afternoon.

A commotion occurred around Batam Center Harbor, Batam City. Conventional taxi drivers and online taxis are back in contention.

Both sides quarrel with each other and even almost fist fights. The old problem reoccurred is the pick point polemic.

It is known, before the commotion, one of the online taxi drivers was about to take passengers away from the port location.

“I have directed my passengers outside the port, but they are still being intercepted as well. I firmly told them (conventional taxis), there is no prohibition if the pickup has been on the highway, “explained an online taxi driver, Indra, confirmed.

Indra said that the pickup point problem should no longer be a fuss. Because, in his opinion, Online taxis in Batam City are protected with operational permits issued by the relevant government.

“So what is the operational permit for? If it does not apply, why it should be issued, “he complained.

In fact, there were 13 Special Rental Transportation Business Entities (ASK) that already have operational licenses for online taxis in Batam City.

In fact, from the information got, a few days ago the inauguration for this permit will be carried out, but was canceled due to the Acting Governor (Acting) of the Riau Islands, Isdianto, unable to attend.

Previously, Head of the Batam City Transportation Agency (Kadishub), Rustam Efendi, complained about the commotion between the two parties.

For him, the Riau Islands Provincial Transportation Department should immediately respond to this prolonged polemic.

It is feared that if the incident continues it will have an impact on the comfort and security of Batam City.

“This problem has been around for a long time. Around 2015, it repeated all the time, “Rustam said recently.

Rustam also admitted that the authority over permits was not his responsibility.

He said that if this polemic was under the authority of the Riau Islands Province Transportation Agency.