Din the last 2 days, the action of the city transport driver (angkot) strike occurred in Tangerang and Bandung, The cause is the same, the presence of online transportation mode in their city is considered to erode the provision of public transportation drivers.
Companies like Gojek, Grab, and Uber are growing so rapidly and expanding their business operations not only in Jakarta but in other cities in Indonesia.
Advancement of application-based transportation services has two sides. One look he looks beautiful with all the conveniences offered. The other side he is prone to trigger conflict.
Online vs Konvensional
Online motorbike passengers receive the anger of a bajaj driver
Conflict that colored the conflict of conventional and online freight actually lead to violence. Blocking roads with invective, unilateral forced raids, until the end of violence is the implication of the discourse on economic sharing that is carried by the application of online transport.
Here we enclose a list of considerable commotion between conventional and online transit providers in Indonesia.
Depok, 3 Oktober 2015
The year 2015 is the time when the online transport service application is on the rise. Gojek and Grab began to spread their wings to conduct their business activities.
While enterprising the expansion, ojek online get resistance from the old players in the motorcycle world. The final quarter of 2015 is the initial period of tension between motorcycle taxis and online motorcycle taxis.
Of the many cases of violence, the most obvious was the Saturday night incident of October 3, 2015, a clash between motorcycle taxis and motorcycle taxis took place on the campus of University of Indonesia, Depok. This event triggered a small incident that occurred previously between the two parties.
The incident started when the victim, Ibrahim (40), citizens of Jakarta after delivering passengers in the campus UI approximately at 10.00 pm. While on his way home, suddenly from behind he was hit by a biker who is believed to be a motorcycle taxi.
After hitting the victim’s head, the perpetrator fled. The incident took place in Kampung Kukusan, behind the motorcycle taxi UI Faculty of Engineering
Do not accept this incident, the victim was immediately share what happened to the group GoJek. As a result, a number of fellow victims came. The number is estimated to reach hundreds of people.
Depok City Resort Police officers immediately take extra care in the area of the University of Indonesia post sweeping action made ojek online Gojek in the region.
Jakarta, 22 Maret 2016
It was a Tuesday, a busy day in Jakarta. When citizens are in need of means of transportation, transportation providers choose not narik. Taxi drivers and compact public transportation drivers took to the streets for a demonstration.
Vehicles and drivers spilled on the streets of the protocols made Jakarta paralyzed. For taxi drivers, the existence of an online taxi can not be tolerated. The decrease in income makes them have to go down the road.
Online vs Konvensional
anger actually makes the drivers become vandals. Violence is chosen to achieve the goal. The streets of Jakarta made the battle arena hard. Sweeping is done with violence. Online motorcycle taxi driver hits hit, users get hit.
The next day, the turn of an online motorcycle taxi driver struck back. Several places in Jakarta became an online motorcycle taxi backlash to public transport. Tanah Abang witnessed the brutality of public transportation damage by motorcycle taxi online
Depok, 6 Agustus 2016
Starting from a personal violent incident, the retaliation of the case of one man’s beating sprinkled on group violence. Some people from ojek online want to take revenge after one of their colleagues beaten some unexpected members of the motorcycle taxi base. Then the sweeping action is done in Margonda street, Depok, to show solidarity among bus drivers online
Denpasar, 10 Januari 2017
The existence of an online taxi on the Island of God led to protests by a group consisting of taxi drivers and public transportation drivers. They assume that their incomes fall due to the presence of alternative transport modes.
Yogyakarta, 17 Februari 2017
The demonstration of taxi drivers in Yogyakarta was carried out by nearly hundreds of fleet carriers. They parked their vehicles in Abu Bakar Ali Parking Park, Malioboro as a symbol of protest.
Online vs Konvensional
The driver of Angkot is doing an online motorcycle taxi protest
Medan, 22 Februari 2017
Online motorcycle taxi drivers engage in clashes with motorized rickshaws. Starting when a motorbike driver sweeps an action on one of the motorcycle taxi drivers online, the tension continues to clash between groups.
Yogyakarta, 26 Februari 2017
A car belonging to a Go-Car app rider was damaged by some taxi drivers. One of the drivers picked up the northern part of Yogyakarta after getting an order through the application. It turns out that the order is a trap made by taxi drivers.
Asphalt May Heat, Heart and Head Should be Cold
No one begins the day with no good wishes, that later there will be sustenance brought when returning home. The good hope is definitely spoken by taxi drivers, city transport drivers, bajaj drivers, motorcycle taxi drivers, and anyone who makes a living on the streets.
Do not let violence be the way used to manage a conflict.