Daihatsu SIGRA

In 2016, Yes, Astra Daihatsu Motor has released a car type MPV 3 line, 7 seater, and the scheme Low Cost Green Car (LCGC) which is named Astra Daihatsu Sigra.

Daihatsu Sigra car has a cabin that is very relieved for cars with LCGC class and 7 seater. For the front cabin, the impression of relief and spacious can be felt because the panel to set the transmission attached to the dashboard so there is no limit between the driver and passengers.

Parts of this car air conditioner is generally the same as the usual cars, where Daihatsu Sigra has 4 types of AC acceleration that you can choose. The passengers who sit in the back seat was not afraid to feel too hot, because Daihatsu Sigra have a technology called water decirculator. Well, this technology will absorb the cold air on the front air of the car to then be channeled into the row of passengers sitting in the back.

Daihatsu Sigra is not equipped with LCD screen headunit in the middle of its dashboard. However, the car audio is double DIN type and can be connected with USB and Bluetooth. In the back of the steering wheel, there are tachometer indicators, speedometers, and multi information displays that are complete enough, where there is information about fuel consumption, mileage, hours, and also fuel indicators.

The rear cabin was also very relieved. When sitting position, can be sure your knee position will not stick to the front seat. For those of you who like to bring a drink, then do not worry, because this car has 10 cup holder!


Daihatsu Sigra type X and R with engine capacity of 1200 cc, 4 cylinder inline, 16 valve, and DOHC Dual VVT-i technology. Well, DOHC Dual VVT-i technology is very useful to manage the intake and exhaust between fuel and air, so that later the use of fuel to be more efficient and optimal. In addition, Sigra type X and R are also capable of generating power reaching 88 Ps at 6000 rpm round, with torque reaching 108 Nm at 4200 rpm rotation.

Daihatsu Sigra has steering electric power steering technology, so do not be surprised if driving this car will feel very lightly. The rotating radius of this car is also very small, so it would be very practical if you want to do a reverse on the narrow streets.


As an LCGC car, Daihatsu Sigra has a reliable security system. This car has many safety features that will certainly ensure your safety when things go wrong.

In Daihatsu Sigra type X and R, available dual SRS Air Bag, where Air Bag will be available both for the driver and also the passengers who sit in front. In addition, this car has also been equipped with safety belt for the seven passengers. All rows of this car seat is also equipped with a headrest that will provide security on the head of the driver and passengers when there is a hard shock.

For the safety features of the exterior, this car framework is reinforced with the design of Total Advanced Function or TAF. Well, TAF has a very vital function to reduce the impact and minimize the risk of injury to the passengers when the car hit on the front or side.

Daihatsu Sigra is also equipped with ABS technology that is useful to avoid skid tires during slippery road conditions. This technology makes Daihatsu Sigra car tires still have strong traction on the asphalt, even when braking maximum on slippery road though. This car is also equipped with front parking rear parking sensors that provide convenience when parking the car.

Fuel consumption

This Daihatsu Sigra has LCGC type and VVT-i technology, so this car is very efficient in terms of fuel consumption. From the results of a number of test drives, fuel consumption Daihatsu Sigra is very economical. When driving with 4 friends and with an average speed between 40-80 km / hour, it takes only 1 liter of gasoline to travel 15 km.

Dahantsu SIGRA B 2854 TKH