His name is Danil Tan, we think this person has no ethics and no gratitude. Initially helped because he promised to change and want to be better. But in reality shows differently and he can not be helped anymore. Previously he had debt that were not paid for, by selling other member names, saying that he had obtained permission, he lie to get a permission of vehicle usage.

Made a Gocar account, instead it was used for goodness, he use it to fake Gocar transaction and ends up his account was suspended, the car was damaged and he also did not pay deposits. And even worse, returning the car by putting it in front of the office without any clear handover.

He use her wife as his negotiator, and she complains of sorts but does not dare to be confronted, he also spread slander.

This person still has considerable debt to the company.

Please be careful when dealing with this person, especially money matters, cannot be trusted and Unfaithful, sought by many dep collectors for committing a lot of fraud against online loans


Danil, was driver partner of Frasindo, who had been a long time before he was a bank clerk, decided to work as an online taxi driver since he resign from the bank he worked for. When becoming driver, Danil many feel got the easy in work especially ease of arranging work time and time for family although at first he admitted many obstacles in field such as difficult to find location of passenger pick up and even he ever can not pick up passengers in some region because the area has been mastered conventional transport.

Even so he remains excited about running his daily activities, he ensures every service is always excellent because customer satisfaction for him is the main priority.

Danil is a dedicated driver and responsibility partner. Frasindo is very pleased to be working with Danil.


Currently Danil is working as Administrator and Operational in the Frasindo, replacing Faiz https://www.frasindo.com/media/faishal-arsyad-shaib/

We see he could lead and handle situation and make decision, he got leadership ability.