TRIBUNJAKARTA.COM, KEBAYORAN BARU – The spirit of Dasiman (52) to become a famous YouTuber is increasingly burning.

His age does not become a barrier for Dasiman to continue to be creative even though many young people also work to become YouTubers.

The man who works as a driver in this (online) network, fills his YouTube channel named Dasiman Tarzan X with a variety of interesting content.

Because of his ability to sing, he often uploads recordings to his account.

His third child and niece supported Dasiman’s step by helping the content creation process.

They formed their own team when creating content before uploading.

“I usually sing people’s songs but the lyrics are changed and made a parody,” explained the man of four children to on Wednesday (18/09/2019).

He makes content anywhere, near homes, tourist attractions, housing to the car.

If the funds increase, Dasiman plans to create content outside the city.

Now, his YouTube account continues to increase followers. The viewer continues to grow until it reaches tens of thousands.

Through Youtube, the man from Purwodadi, Central Java, is optimistic that he can succeed and be useful for many people.

Sopir taksi online yang merintis jadi Youtuber, Dasiman pada Rabu (18/9/2019).
Online taxi driver who became a Youtuber, Dasiman on Wednesday (18/09/2019). ( Sarwo Trengginas)

Because of Singing, Fired from the Taxi Company

Dasiman has worked as a taxi driver for 10 years.

However, since he knew Youtube, Dasiman was temporarily stopped by the taxi company where he worked.

Because, Dasiman always shows the ability to sing when delivering passengers.

Many passengers feel uncomfortable with Dasiman’s voice.

Until 2019, he was given a temporary stop operation letter.

“That time the problem is I sang in the car when I took the passenger. And the video got viral. You can’t sing when you wear the uniform, “he said.

After stopping, he also turned into a rider in the network (online).

He deposited money to the car owner in Rp 200 thousand a day.

In this new job, Dasiman got a rare opportunity.

He can meet with the eighth richest YouTuber in the world, Atta Halilintar.

Meet Atta Halilintar

On the inside and outside of his black Terios, he put a sticker that reads “Dasiman Tarzan X” plus the Youtube logo.

The patch was mounted on the rear glass of the car and in front of the passenger dashboard.

If there is close communication with the passengers, Dasiman promotes his YouTube account while showing the sticker.

“Welcome to the Dasiman Channel, Go to Pasar Baru, buy dumplings because you are hungry. Let me introduce Dasiman Tarzan, a new YouTuber,”

“Last night I dreamed of going to Dumai with Atta Halilintar, Ashiaap,” he shouted.

When introducing his account, Dasiman always slipped the name Atta Halilintar because he is one of the most famous YouTubers in Indonesia.

The uniqueness is attracting the attention of one famous celebrity, Sarah Alana Gibson.

She recorded Dasiman’s action.

Sarah also uploaded the recording into her insta story.

“Many of my passengers have listened. One of them is Ms. Sarah Gibson. She recorded it and put it in her insta story. “From there passed again to Atta Halilintar,” he explained.

Tit for tat, Atta responded to Dasiman’s action.

Dasiman was then invited to make a video with Atta overnight.

He was invited to eat together until he felt driving a luxury car owned by Atta Halilintar.

There are two videos that viewers can enjoy on Atta Halilintar’s account.

One video titled “Pay for Taxi Using a Camera! He’s Shocked !! Until Crying ..” and “Ojol Select Atta Car”.

Each of these videos has attracted hundreds of thousands of people.

While working as an online driver, Dasiman also took the time to create interesting content on his YouTube.

Usually, he creates content on Fridays, when he is off.

“We are art people. We like to sing even though we are not singers. I’m a former busker at the bus terminal,” he said.