SURABAYA – This online taxi driver might be crazy. Not just getting acquainted and finally inviting dating customers who are high school teens. Hendrik Sugiyanto, 33, who lives on Jalan Tembok Dukuh V was forced to deal with the police because he also molested his girlfriend.

Not just once or twice, but 25 times. In fact, the act of molestation was always carried out in a car used for online taxis. They do in quiet places, including in the parking lot.

The suspect was arrested by the Satreskrim Polrestabes Surabaya Women’s and Children’s Services Unit (PPA) because of reports from AN parents, 17, residents of Jalan Pengampon.

Surabaya PPA Satreskrim Polrestabes Kanit AKP Ruth Yeni said the suspect was arrested on Thursday (8/11), after the family reported the case on 26 October.

The victim’s family did not accept his child as a victim of the suspect’s molestation. “The victims told their parents after they were suspicious because the victims became depressed and quiet,” said Ruth Yeni.

Moreover, based on the information from the school, lately, victims who are still in high school are often late to absent school for no apparent reason.

According to Ruth, this chaotic love story begins with the introduction of a suspect with a victim who orders online taxi services through the application. Secretly, the suspect put his heart on the victim.

“Because he already has a telephone number, the suspect several times invited the victims to meet, often picking him up at school,” he explained. After several meetings, they finally dated.

During the three months of courtship, which was between July and September, the victim claimed that the suspect often seduced her until she finally fell into sexual intercourse. Even based on the confession of the suspect, he has molested his girlfriend 25 times. They do it in quiet places.

“The actions were carried out, among others, on the Jalan Kranggan parking lot. The victim was molested in a car when she was about to leave or go home,” he said.

Meanwhile to the police, the suspect claimed to be lusting because he saw the victim’s plump body. Especially according to the suspect, the victim never refused when invited to have sex.

Even though he admitted to always seducing the previous victim. “I promised to marry the victim after she graduated from school so he wanted to,” said Hendrik.