BOGOR – The second day of the enactment of Regulation of the Minister of Transportation (Permenhub) 108/2017 on the Transport of People with Public Motor Vehicles Not In Route, Bogor City Government is still waiting for complete instruction from the Transportation Management Agency of Jabodetabek (BPTJ).

Nevertheless, the Head of Motor Vehicle Inspection Section (Dishub) Bogor City Rudi Partawijaya said it was ready to apply the rules and serve the transport business actors from who want to take care of KIR test.

“The principle is we are ready, but until now no one has come (the provider / driver of online transportation) take care of KIR test, even if there is limited consultation to ask the requirements and completeness of KIR test,” he said in Bogor, Friday (2 / 2018).

Rudi explains, the Permenhub 108 Year 2017 on the Implementation of Transport People With Public Motor Vehicles Not In Trajectory, began to apply yesterday. Need to be understood by all parties, because the implementer is in BPTJ.

“We are only implementing the mandate of the Permenhub, if the area of ​​Jabotadababek which is commanded by the MoT in this case BPTJ,” he said.

Rudi also explained that if there are any operators or drivers of online entrepreneurs who want to take care of KIR test must complete them according to Regulation of Permenhub 108. Among other things, must be legal entity, operating license from BPTJ, Business License Registration Certificate of Company (SIUP TDP) in its territory.

“The basic requirements that must be completed, we will complete the process later on, and we will give the Special Lease Transport (ASK) sticker later,” he explained.

However, for the first day and the second afternoon, the application of this Permenhub, it has not received an online taxi driver or representative who applied for the KIR test.

“Obviously, most of them came only to ask for the requirements for the KIR test of online transportation, such as from Grab, Uber and Gocar, all I have explained the procedure,” he said. (Read: Raup Rp600 Million from Fictitious Order, ‘Tuyul’ Grab Smoked Police)

Last year, BPTJ gave quota of non-trucking vehicle rental or taxi online for Bogor area as much as 4,634. Bogor Regency gets 3000 rations and Bogor City the rest.

Meanwhile, Head of Transportation Department of Transportation (Dishub) Bogor City Jimmy Hutapea said it has set the rules for the chaos of this online taxi does not continue.

“The existence of online taxis and taxis online, the municipal government has enacted the mayoral regulation, which in principle arranges for them to follow the provisions of K3 in Bogor City So we do not prohibit the operation because there is no legal umbrella mentioning the local government should regulate their existence,” said Jimmy.

In general, he continued, the municipal government has several times asked the central government immediately issued a standard rule to regulate this issue in order to avoid the klomplangan transportation needs.

“So for them (ojek and taxi online) who want to operate in Bogor city, must obey the rules about K3 here, we also approach to all public transport business in order to conduct orderly operation and do not disturb other interests,” he explained.

Special motorcycle taxi online, according to him, if it refers to the rule of law, it encourages Kemenhub to establish the clarity of its operating status. “Currently at the center there is still a review because it’s one of the phenomena that is indeed a somewhat slow to anticipate,” he explained.