Deddy Sopani, one of Frasindo’s driver partners who had joined 1.5 months ago gave testimonials about his job as an online taxi driver, he said that he was more comfortable with arranging family time, a way of working that everyone dreams of. In addition to the ease in managing the time Deddy likes this field of work because it has the potential to gain more economic benefits. In hopes he can bring home 7 to 8 million per month.

Getting the support of the family makes Deddy Sopani more enthusiasm to earn a living, almost every month he earned as expected. Not only that he also often get greeting gratitude from customers who are satisfied with the services provided. Until now Deddy Sopani always get a five star rating.

A humble, courteous and sincere person in service makes Deddy Sopani an online taxi driver who is well-liked by patrons and dearly loved fathers.

Dedi Sopani filed a resign, krn must take care of his parents 
who have been sick hard in Palembang, for arrears will be repaid 2 or 3x

he blocked my number, and never paid the bill as he promised