, Jakarta – The application-based or online transport drivers conducted a demonstration in front of the House of Representatives / MPR / DPD Senayan, Central Jakarta. They walked from East Parking Senayan to the front of the Parliament Building.

Hundreds of online transport drivers who joined the Online Driver Association rallied against the Minister of Transportation Regulation (Permenhub) Number 32 Year 2016 on the Implementation of Transport People With Public Motor Vehicles Not In Route.

“We reject Permenhub No. 32 of 2016 because of the policies of large entrepreneurs entrepreneurs.That is a big businessman who will turn off individual drivers like us,” said Online Driver Advocacy Andryawal at Parliament Complex Senayan Jakarta, Monday (08/22/2016) .

He said there were at least eight demands they filed against the Permenhub. According to him, the Permenhub can kill the economy of the small people.

“These individuals are now getting uncomfortable, we used to be loved, spoiled, now suddenly suspended,” Andryawal said.

“Currently, the people of Jakarta need a cheap, convenient and safe transportation and we demand that Permenhub No. 32 of 2016 be revoked, we strongly reject the name of our vehicle registration to the company in accordance with the Ministerial Regulation No. 32 of 2016,” he stressed.

Some representatives of this online transportation driver was received Commission V of the House.