Jakarta – The city transport driver (angkot) as Tangerang City protests against online transport in their area. The demonstrators also intercepted and took the helmet of motorcycle taxi drivers passing by.

The incident took place on Jl Satria Sudirman, Tangerang, on Wednesday (8/3/2017) at around 10:20 pm. At that time an online motorcycle taxi driver was reading passengers and crossing the demo location

Suddenly the demonstrators immediately shouted and chased the motorcycle taxi online. Passengers who were on a piggyback were asked to get off, then the helmet was taken. Then motorcycle taxi drivers online also told to leave the location.

It was one of the demonstrators slammed the helmet, which previously used passengers, into the asphalt road. The helmet was smashed into pieces.

Luckily, online motorcycle taxi drivers and passengers survived the violence. When the demonstrators are chasing, the police are also moving directly to provide guard.

Some demonstrators also tried to calm their colleagues.

“Do not be provoked, do not be provoked,” said several other demonstrators.

Until 11:00 am, mass of public transportation drivers still do the demo. Traffic around the site has density.