Jakarta – Grab Indonesia said the driver’s request to raise the tariff was wrong. According to him, this can actually reduce driver income.

“So the demand for tariffs in the current era is a wrong request. The most important thing is the demand to increase revenue, the general tariff has the potential to reduce revenues,” said Grab Indonesia Manager Ridzki Kramadibrata at Maspion Plaza Building, Jalan Gunung Sahari, Pademangan, North Jakarta , Thursday (09/13/2018).

Ridzki said the most important thing was to increase income. If the driver runs the task well without cheating, more income will be earned.

“However, we believe that if we follow the existing features and good contacts, it means not doing fraud and that means that God willing, partners can get more than enough income,” he said.

He conveyed that the majority of demo drivers demanded that the tariff increase was the driver of fraud. Even just joining in.

“I think the majority who invited to take the action are those who are cheating, of course the ones that come will vary, there are those who do some who are interested in the headline ‘raising tariffs, right?” Said Ridzki.

Regarding the mischievous applicator, Grab has deleted tens of thousands of accounts. The account is also automatically banned so that it doesn’t register again.

“Indeed, there is our system that was wrong yesterday, we conceded in the sense that we have deleted the rogue applicator’s account, but he can register. Now, we have deleted tens of thousands of these old accounts. Our system also automatically backs up that person, so it can’t register, “he said.

Previously, a mass of online transportation drivers stormed the Grab Office in Lippo Kuningan, Jakarta. They demanded their rights to be fulfilled by the applicator company.

The action began around 9.50 WIB Monday (10/9). The cars of online transportation drivers are written ‘reject the low wage policy’, ‘the fate of illegal online drivers’, ‘reject the exploitation of online drivers’, ‘beat up naughty applicators’, and so on.