TRIBUNJATENG.COM, PEKALONGAN – Attended the grand Kopda event online taxi drivers at the Kalibanger Brimbob Field, Pekalongan Deputy Mayor Achmad Afzan Arslan Djunaid, asked the drivers to always stay in harmony.

According to him, getting along well will make it easier to solve the problems that are being experienced by drivers.

“We as the Regional Government also pay attention to the fate of the drivers, we know that there are now more and more drivers and fleets. Surely this makes it difficult to get customers, “he explained, Tuesday (8/20/2019).

For this reason, Afzan asks for everything to be discussed while maintaining togetherness.

“If there is a problem, let’s jointly find a solution, both regarding the application of regulations or other problems,” he said.

He continued, the City Government really appreciated the grand gathering activities because in the midst of the difficulty of finding customers, the community of drivers could still share.

“The era is increasingly difficult to get consumers, even though the drivers can still share to the community through a number of charities is a very extraordinary thing,” he said.

Afzan added that the presence and togetherness shown by online drivers from various regions could inspire other communities.

“This event for me personally is very important, in addition to commemorating the 74th Indonesian Independence Day, it is also a gathering event. Related to the problems faced, let’s solve it together by holding a discussion, “he added.