DENPASAR – The discourse of Bali Governor Wayan Koster closed the online taxi operations in Bali received many responses from various parties.

One of them is I Wayan Suata, Chair of KSU Asap (Association of Tourism Transport Drivers) Bali who is also the Chair of PTOB (Bali Online Transportation Association).

According to Suata, the Governor of Bali Wayan Koster has no authority to close taxis online in Bali.

He said, who has the authority to close online taxis is the Bali Province Transportation Agency as an extension of the Ministry of Transportation.

“The Governor does not have any authority to close. Except the Ministry of Transportation in accordance with the Minister of Transportation Regulation Number 118,” Suata said in Denpasar on Monday (5/13) afternoon.

According to Suata, Governor Koster should find a solution to the problem between online and conventional taxis.

The reason, the core of this problem so far is only in regulations. According to him, the government needs to make good regulations so that there is no continuous friction between online and conventional taxis.

The government was asked to be strict with online and also conventional taxis. “Now the community is obliged to obey government regulations.

Do all conventional use the transport permit. Now the government must firmly take action against illegal transportation both online and conventionally, “said Suata.

If necessary, he continued, the Transportation Agency needs to crack down on unlicensed vehicles. Especially in Bali, there are many plate vehicles outside Bali that operate in Bali but do not pay taxes in Bali.

Therefore this is considered as one of the causes of disharmony between online and conventional taxis in Bali.

“Online companies also have to be selective in choosing vehicles that join, must be licensed. So is conventional,” he said.