Dewi, born in Bandung, February 21, 1975, joined with Frasindo since January 2017. Beginning Dewi worked as an online taxi driver he was full of dedication and responsibility. Almost every customer feels satisfaction from her service given. Including relationships with the company, Dewi has always been the first to establish communication in case of obstacles in the field.

Although soon the goddess’s character began to change, communication was disconnected and the company could not get information about the Goddess and the vehicle it was carrying. After doing the searching the car was hidden in the pawnshop, really inappropriate behavior. therefore the company immediately gave a stern warning to the goddess but unfortunately he ignored the warning less.

Finally the company took the legal path for the deeds, and hopefully this criminal deeds can be a valuable lesson for him and not repeat it again.


we record the moment when recovering the car at google drive (Please see the VIDEO), Julian was hidden-hunting and observ the car for few days, and discover the car at midnight, inside someone else garage. After hearing the report, CEO and Julian bring lawyer papers to recover the car. in the process of recovering the car there was lite-fighting incident. we bring back the car is in good condition