Another member of Frasindo’s core team that has a talent in the field of Information Technology, Dhanus Saputra. Men born in Jakarta May 7, 1984 is indeed have a very strong interest with the field of IT. Since graduating high school he directly majored in Informatics Engineering University of Indonesia and successfully escaped to enter the university. His interest with the world of information technology he continued with work diperusahaaan IT as tekhnikal support. Because it is rich in work experience that makes Dhanus Saputara as a profile full of ability and insight in their field.

People who like to travel on this motorcycle always prioritize responsibilities as IT staff, especially in terms of program building, maintenance and innovation. Not to forget he also often share knowledge and insight with fellow IT staff. It has become his interest to always innovate with information technology so no wonder until now Frasindo into a company with advances in the field of IT.

Every program built always strives for the convenience and security of users and adds value to anyone who accesses it. Dhanus Saputra has done his utmost to build a program with Frasindo although he admits that every time he is still learning and developing.