Jakarta – The story of Dede Atmo Pernoto is quite inspiring. The man familiarly known as Dede Yusuf became an online motorcycle driver, Go-Jek, in Tegal, Central Java.

Dede who used to use wheelchairs chose the profession as a Go-Jek driver. He even saved from his income to send his children to college.

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“My son has to be more than me, and with my partnering with Go-Jek I can save for the future of my children, yes, do not be like a father, high school and become useful for people,” had worked as a cigarette seller, a bird feed seller and shoe shine with a wheelchair as written in a press release received detikOto, Tuesday (12/12/2017).

In addition to working as a Go-Jek driver, Dede is currently busy with organizational activities that oversee the issue of disabilities and leprosy. Dede along with other disabled friends formed an organization called Difabel Slawi Mandiri (DSM).

Many activities he did with other disabled colleagues in order to get the leveling of status with normal people. One of them by advocating the public about education, identity and healthy card that deserve to be accepted by people with disabilities.

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“We have a lot of unfeasible offices here, there is still no concern for people like us, that we often say, for education we are voicing that the public schools can accept students with disabilities, while for KTP we because if they do not have ID card, they can not have a healthy card and not registered as citizens of Indonesia, “he explained.

Dede said, DSM has 8 years standing in Slawi. Currently there are 150 members. Not only the advocacy activities he runs with his colleagues, but also other routine activities, such as sharing fellow members with disabilities, gymnastics, performing arts and data collection. For him, being part of DSM and Go-Jek, did not make him tired and feel bored. Because for him, when his body and mind are beneficial to others primarily to fellow-disabled people, there is a sense of pride.

“My principle is one, although I like this, but I want to be useful, useful for others, when I am limited, I do not want to harm those who are normal,” he concluded. (rgr / ddn)
Source Rangga Rahadiansyah – detikOto