Surabaya: The Department of Transportation (Dishub) of East Java requires all online anger applications to give access to the government. It aims to make government easy to control online transport.

“So we can see, can control the companies or vehicles that operate with the application, have granted permission from the nexus or not,” said Head of East Java Transportation Agency LLAJ Wahid Wahyudi confirmed Monday, November 13, 2017.

According to Wahid, the regulation is stipulated in the Minister of Transportation Regulation No. 108 of 2017. Companies in the field of land transportation shall grant dashboard digital access to the Director General (Land Transport), Head of Agency, Governor, Regent / Mayor, according to their respective authorities. “The regulation has been effective from 1 November 2017,” he said.

In Permenhub Article 67 paragraph (1) PM 108/2017, continued Wahid, explained that the application company in the field of land transportation is obliged to provide access digital dashboard to the government. Digital dashboard is the display of information (user interface) performance of the company in the form of graphics generated software.

“Digital dashboard in the company’s application is also a center of control of all things, including vehicle data that operates with the company’s applications,” he said.

Therefore, Wahid hopes that the land transportation application company in its operations only grants app access to online takai vehicles that already hold operating licenses from the government. “Do not even then give access to applications for vehicles that have not been able to permit,” said Wahid.

Source Amaluddin