TRIBUNJAKARTA.COM, GAMBIR – DKI Jakarta Provincial Government will race for discussion on regulations for online taxis to not be affected by the expansion of even odd regulations on 25 streets in the capital city.

Head of DKI Jakarta Transportation Agency, Syafrin Liputo, said that his office is currently preparing a legal basis for this matter after receiving a number of inputs from various parties.

“This week we have begun to conduct a comprehensive study. All our input is received, then we try the public test first,” he said, Tuesday (8/20/2019).

“After that, we will arrange the regulations,” he explained.

This even-odd zone expansion policy itself has received a lot of opposition from online taxi drivers who feel compliant with these regulations.

In fact, on Monday (8/19/2019) yesterday, hundreds of online taxi drivers staged a demonstration in front of the Jakarta City Hall and asked the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government to make an exception against them.

They asked the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government to immediately issue a marker in the form of a sticker which can be attached to a vehicle so that online taxis can be free to operate on even odd roads.

“We have received so many inputs. We will formulate all the existing inputs into the draft policy,” he said when confirmed..

Later, after the draft has been compiled, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government will conduct a public test and reopen to receive input from the public.

“After a public test, the community will provide input and this will be reported to the Governor and then taken into consideration before the policy is implemented,” Anies said.