JAKARTA – A number of taxi drivers who stopped his vehicle on the front busway of Graha Merah Putih building, Jalan Gatot Soebroto, South Jakarta, was approached by dozens of Go-Jek drivers.
The Go-Jek driver approached the taxi drivers who were marching for information that one of the Go-Jek drivers was attacked by taxi drivers.

According to monitoring Kompas.com, action thrust-push had occurred between the taxi driver and the Go-Jek driver.

The action of the thrust begins with a tug of mouth between the two. During a fight, one of the Go-Jek drivers kicked one of the taxi drivers.

Do not accept his friend kicked, a number of taxi drivers directly approached the driver Go-Jek and there was action thrust-dorangan it.

“Go-Jek is not anarchistic, unlike the taxi drivers, why our comrades are attacked,” said one of the Go-Jek drivers at the site, Tuesday (22/3/2016).

One taxi driver denied the charges of the Go-Jek driver. According to him, no taxi driver attacked and sweeped the drivers of Go-Jek.

“No one attacked Go-Jek, do not just accuse it like that, where are we going to attack Go-Jek?”

Luckily, the police quickly came to the scene and broke up the commotion. Police immediately disperse the Go-Jek drivers.

As a result of the dispute, the traffic flow was badly jammed, but did not last long. The rate of traffic flow in the region is gradually normal.

The Land Transport Driver Association (PPAD) along with the Public Communication Forum of Public Transport (FK-MPAU) will file a claim regarding the existence of an online transport service company that is still free to operate.

The drivers also asked Kemenkominfo to freeze the operations of transport companies using black-plated vehicles, such as Uber and Grab.

Today’s protest will last until 17.30 WIB with an estimated number of demonstrators as many as 8,000 people.