PM 108 Revoked GrabCar Awaits Legal Framework

PROKAL.CO, TARAKAN – The lawsuit of Daniel Lukas Rorong, Herry Wahyu Nugroho, and Rahmatullah Riyadi at the Supreme Court (MA) questioned the Minister of Transportation Regulation (Permenhub) 108 regarding the Implementation of People’s Transportation with Non-Route Public Vehicles finally granted. There are seven articles as released by the clerk who was removed by the Supreme Court. (see graphic)

For this decision, doing online transportation business is easier, because it does not require a legal entity, test it to the stickers. So what is the continuation of online transportation at Kaltara?

Borneo Pratama Jaya Mandiri Cooperative Chairman Indra Wahyudi said his party was still in coordination with the central Grab to question the lifting of Permenhub 108. As previously known, Borneo Pratama Jaya Mandiri Cooperative was a Grab legal entity in Tarakan.

Indra is also still trying to coordinate with the North Kalimantan Transportation Agency (Dishub) regarding this issue. “Still coordinating, for sure, I haven’t been able to talk much because this is still being coordinated,” he said.

According to him, specifically for four wheels, Grab has not yet operated. Unlike the partners with the type of two-wheeled vehicles that operate as usual. Special for four wheels, if you operate it is possible from the initiative of the driver himself. The appeal to all drivers of four-wheeled vehicles online transportation to refrain from driving has still not been revoked.

“We have appealed to them to wait until there is permission. However, we will see what the future will look like, “he said.

As is known, based on Permenhub 108, the Borneo Cooperative Pratama Jaya Mandiri has arranged a number of licensing stages. The three decrees awaited by Grab, namely the decree on tariffs, operational area decrees, and quota decrees from the North Kalimantan Governor Dr. H. Irianto Lambrie. After that a recommendation was made from the Mayor of Tarakan, Ir. Sofian Raga.

However, licensing has not yet been completed, the Minister of Transportation Regulation 108 was revoked by the Supreme Court. Transportation Agency (Dishub) Tarakan handed over to the Transportation Agency of Kaltara regarding the continuation of the fate of online transportation.

“That was his authority at the Kaltara Transportation Agency. Everything in the provincial government, “said Head of Tarakan Transportation Agency Hamid Amren, yesterday (13/9).

While the Head of Transportation of Kaltara, Taufan Majid, could not be contacted yet. There is no answer from his cellphone.

From the information received by this media, Taufan is still in the United States. “He is still in America. Maybe this week he will return from there, “explained one of the people near Taufan.

Last August, North Sumatra Transportation Agency revealed Grab licensing guided by Permenhub 108. Then before the kir test, a quota for each regency and city was determined before the Recommendation of Motorized Vehicle Number (TNKB) of Motorized Periodic Special Markings was issued by the Mayor of Tarakan.

Managing Director of Grab Indonesia Ridzki Karmadibrata revealed his support for the ride-sharing industry rules. “Whatever the rules for ride-sharing as the legality of the operation of GrabCar partners, we support it,” Ridzki explained, Thursday (9/13).

Grab’s attention at this time, related to the legal basis that applies to online transportation after the Supreme Court issued a decision, revoked the Permenhub 108. “Yes, what we are waiting for is the next direction. This is for the smooth operation in the field and how to keep the situation conducive, “he explained.