– Recently, the virtual universe Instagram was horrified by the behavior of a woman who canceled online taxi orders many times.

What’s worse, the woman canceled her order for reasons that could be considered absurd.

The woman’s action was recorded in a video uploaded by the Instagram account @nenk_update

In the video, we see a woman canceling an online taxi order because she got a car that was not what she wanted.

Worse yet, the girl repeatedly ordered and then got the same driver, but also canceled.

It is known that if a driver gets an order and is canceled repeatedly, the performance of the driver will drop.

What’s worse, can cause the driver to break up partner / suspended, he can not pull forever.

Furious at the prospective passenger’s attitude, the online taxi driver decided to visit the girl.

From the video can be seen a quarrel between an online taxi driver and the girl.

Tangkapan layar dari akun Instagram @nenk_update

Screenshot of the Instagram account @nenk_update

“I told you already, if I got the Ayla (Daihatsu Ayla) car, I canceled,” said the girl.

“What is the reason miss ?,” Asked the Taxis driver.

“Because I don’t like ayla car, if innova is ok .. xenia, ayla, I cancel. Because I can’t ride a car like that,” said the girl.

The driver was furious and seemed to slightly increase the volume of his voice.

“Can you buy the car or not? Can you buy it ?,” Asked the taxi driver online with a little emotion.

The girl casually replied that her father had a car.

“My father has a car,” the girl replied casually.

“Indeed I do not want to,  I’m ashamed to ride the car like that, frankly .., “continued the girl.

“Wow, like artists, you are prestigious,” said Taxi drivers online.

“It’s prestige .. I’m honest, my face is ugly,  but I’m ashamed to ride the car .., “said the girl.

“Just so you know, if you don’t want to ride it, just tell me to do it. Don’t cancel it can make driver performance decrease … and it can break up partners,” said Taxi drivers online while explaining.

“Ma’am, are you allergic using ayla car,” said the taxi driver online.

Instead of apologizing, the girl even more insulted the vehicle of the online taxi driver.

“Yes, it’s the cheapest car,” answered the girl.

According to information from Instagram @ nenk_update the incident happened in Balikpapan.

This video also infuriates Instagram users.

“Feeling ashamed to ride a car like this or that, but she doesn’t have a car,” said the account @princess_noviea

“A person like that fits in a hearse,” commented on the account @ zallota12

“She isn’t beautiful, but she wants a lot,” commented on the @anisyhasya account