SURABAYA – Women and Child Protection Unit (PPA) Polrestabes Surabaya again reveals the crime of human trafficking (human trafficking).

This time the attack named Bandar Priyo Handoko (22), origin Waru Sidoarjo arrested for selling his wife to a masher.

In practice, Priyo, who works ojek driver online, offers IS (25) who is none other than his own wife to social media facebook (FB).

Through the FB group, Priyo uploads ads if UM can be invited to date at the hotel.

After uploading in the FB group, soon there is a masher who is interested in dating IS.

But, this masher guy wants to be connected threesome alias threesome.

Once agreed upon, Priyo finally escorted his wife to meet the man in the hotel a jar at Jl Jemursari Surabaya, Sunday (24/12/2017) night.

Upon arriving at the location, Priyo, his wife and the masher guy were playing threesome sex.

“I know playing threesome after joining the facebook group,” said Priyo at Mapolrestabes Surabaya on Wednesday (27/12/2017).

He confessed, received a reward of Rp 250 thousand to Rp 300 thousand from a masher guy who memasan his wife. The immoral act is always done in the hotel in Surabaya.

“I’ve taken his wife three times to meet customers at the hotel and I also play,” I Priyo.

Wakasat Reskrim Polrestabes Surabaya, Kompol I Dewa Gede Juliana said, the perpetrator Priyo arrested after taking his wife to the hotel on Jl Jemursari Surabaya.

“The suspect Bandar and the victim are husband and wife, but instead allowing his wife to commit immorality, the suspect also joined the threesome,” said Gede Juliana.

Gede Juliana said, this suspect once offered his wife, can get money worth Rp 250 thousand – Rp 300 thousand once dating. And admitted that only three times to sell his wife to a masher.

“But we are still developing this case, not closed to possibly more than three times,” concluded Gede Juliana.