TRIBUN-BALI.COM, MANGUPURA – Achmad Buchori (28) right leg was rewarded with a hot bullet by South Kuta police officers on Tuesday (06/06/2018).

That was because he tried to run away when he was arrested in connection with a cellphone theft case at Bali Jimbaran Hospital.

The arrest of Buchori was carried out after the police received a report from a victim named Doni Anggriawan (26).

In the report, Doni complained that his three cellphones were lost while guarding his friend who was being treated at Bali Jimbaran Hospital.

South Kuta Police Chief, Kompol I Nengah Patrem revealed, the perpetrators always carry out their actions at dawn or when patients and carers of the hospital rooms have fallen asleep.

“The mode, the actors pretend to visit patients who are asleep. So, the perpetrators can easily pick up items in the patient’s room,” said Patrem Commissioner at the South Kuta Mapolsek on Thursday (07/08/2018).

After interrogation, Buchori did not only carry out the action at one crime scene. In addition to Bali Jimbaran Hospital, the perpetrators also took action in the Sanglah Hospital.

A doctor at Sanglah Hospital even became a victim of handphone theft done by Buchori.

Unmitigated, the doctor’s iPhone 6 cellphone was taken away by the perpetrator.

“He always carries out his actions alone. Based on the results of the coordination, it turns out that the perpetrators are recidivists in motorbike theft cases in the Central Java Regional Police’s jurisdiction,” Kompol Patrem added.

From this case, the police managed to secure 14 units of cellphones and Rp 1.5 million in sales proceeds. Some of the stolen cellphones have been sold online by the perpetrators.

Now, the perpetrators who are everyday as online taxi drivers are still secured at the South Kuta Police Headquarters for further processing.

“The perpetrators are accused of article 362 of the Criminal Code with the threat of a maximum sentence of five years,” he added.