, SURABAYA – Revocation of Minister of Transportation No. 108 of 2017 by the Supreme Court was welcomed by online driver associations in Surabaya and East Java.

Although the rules regarding online taxis are no longer valid, they still expect a legal umbrella for their business fields.

With a note, free intervention from conventional transportation. A collection of various online driver associations who are members of United Online East Java (JOB) officially stated their attitude yesterday (13/9).

There are five attitude points delivered by online drivers. Among other things, clarity of rules for online taxis in East Java. This must be fulfilled through the governor’s regulations.

JOB Public Relations David Walalangi revealed, representatives from JOB asked to be involved in drafting the new regulation.

“So far, the minister’s own product regulations have failed because they do not involve drivers and political elements,” David explained yesterday.

Online drivers feel that there are many clauses in regulations that are not in accordance with the facts on the ground. Well, they are asking the government to be more observant in field studies.

In addition, they questioned the conventional transportation interventions in the preparation of the ministerial regulations and the previous year’s Governor Regulation.

According to David, the two rules are more focused on online taxis. Their objection was stated in the third point attitude statement.

“Don’t involve others like conventional transport drivers if the rules are only for online drivers,” he said.

At present, David continued, the law for online taxis is in the status quo. Incriminating regulations are no longer valid.

But, on the other hand, there is no guarantee of safety and security for drivers. “This is now an empty position. We hope the government will replace it as soon as possible. If this is the case, the government seems slow in handling,” explained David.

Previously, David along with hundreds of online drivers from other JOBs also visited the Surabaya DPRD.

The effort was made after the request for their audience to the East Java DPRD was not responded.

Meanwhile, the Surabaya DPRD is waiting for direction from the central government. Online taxi regulations that have been compiled automatically must stagnate again.

“We will see first based on the latest rules. Later we will have to consolidate and evaluate again. If it is revoked, then the rules will be like what,” explained the Chairman of the Regional House of Representatives Formation Board (Baperda) Surabaya Muchammad Machmud yesterday.