Dude Harlino is currently involved in a cooperation project with one of the online transportation companies in Indonesia. Then, how the impression of 36-year-old actor while becoming an online taxi driver?
“It’s a really interesting experience for me, it’s the first time I’ve ever felt so driver, looking for passengers, and waiting for orders. And alhamdulillah, can be in accordance with the target, “said Dude when found in the number Mampang, South Jakarta, Monday (6/3).
Actor ‘Dalam Mihrab Cinta’ admitted, passengers who boarded the vehicle was surprised to see Dude who became their driver.
“Yeah, it’s almost everything I bring to my surprise so see me, to say ‘Dude again shooting or what the hell? So a driver now’,” he said with a smile. 
An interesting experience that father father of this child is, most passengers who disopirinya talk about personal issues. 
“I have three passengers. Next they talked a lot about their background. There are moms who tell about her family, her children. Many, too sharing about Islam, because many mothers asked about it, so I try to answer, “said husband of Alyssa Soebandono it.
The experience of becoming an online taxi driver makes Dude more appreciative of a driver’s job.
“We should be able to appreciate other professions that may have been not in our shadow baseball.It is indeed quite heavy and we should appreciate the job, whatever the job, which is important kosher,” lid