AKURAT.CO, East Banjarmasin Sector Police from the Buru Sergap Unit (Buser) succeeded in apprehending a man who worked as an online taxi driver for allegedly possessing, storing, and mastering drug-type methamphetamine.

“We caught the culprit when we were hunting. The perpetrators showed suspicious gestures, then examined by members and found a package of shabu-shabu, “said East Banjarmasin Police Chief Uskiansyah Commissioner in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, Thursday (11/21/2019).

He said, the culprit owner of the methamphetamine known as Supiannor alias Ian (28) is a resident of Jalan Pekapuran A Gang V, Karang Mekar Village, East Banjarmasin District.

The perpetrators were arrested on Friday (11/15) at around 22:00 WITA, when he was around his residence in Gang V Pekapuran A.

“We are suspicious that the perpetrator Ian besides having a package of methamphetamine, he is also a narcotics user, “Kompol Uskiansyah said.

The police chief said that members of the Buser Unit led by Head of Criminal Investigation Iptu Timur Yono, besides securing a package of methamphetamine, also seized a bong or shabu-shabu suction device.

“At this time Ian has become a suspect from the results of the examination, the two pieces of evidence that are recognized are his,” said Uskiansyah.

For his actions, Ian was charged with article 112 of Law RI No. 35 of 2009 concerning Narcotics.