Harianjogja.com, JOGJA- After a period of delay, the DIY Governor’s Decree on Operational Areas and the Need for Special Rental Vehicles was finally signed by Sri Sultan HB X. The quota of online taxis in Yogyakarta was officially set at 496 vehicles.

The DIY Governor’s Decree on the Operational Areas and the Need for Special Rental Vehicles was set at the beginning of this month. There are six things stipulated in this decree, namely the area of ​​operation, the needs of the vehicle, the duration of validity of the quota, the time of evaluation, the description of the area of ​​operation and the time period of the SK.

For the area of ​​online taxi operations covering all areas of DIY, except in areas that have their own authority. On several occasions, the Head of DIY Transportation Department Sigit Sapto Rahardjo stated that the operational area of ​​online taxis is not divided into zones based on cities or regencies, because DIY areas are not too wide.

As for the needs of special rental vehicles, HB X chose the number 496. Previously, Sigit said, in the draft SK, there were two quota offered, namely 400 and 496. Quota with the number of 400 vehicles was the result of calculation by the Central Government, while the 496 was the calculation of the DIY Government.

The draft Governor’s Decree was actually submitted to HB X in December 2017. However, because at that time online taxi drivers registered a little, HB X chose to postpone authorization, with the aim of knowing the number of real needs in DIY.

The need for this special rental transport vehicle is projected for a period of five years, starting from the time the decree is stipulated. Later, the quota will also be evaluated regularly every year.

Former Peguyuban Spokesperson for Online Jogja Driver (PPOJ) Daniel Viktor said he did not agree with the quota amount set by the DIY Regional Government. “What is the process? Is it direct 496? Meanwhile, just now Grab is still open for registration. “

While PPOJ Chairperson Yulianto Debi Prajoko said he did not have an official attitude towards the stipulation of the quota. PPOJ will hold an internal meeting before taking a stand. “We just found out last night.”

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